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AOI / Automated Optical Inspection - The abbreviation for Automated Optical Inspection, process of inspecting PCB’s and FCB ’s using optical equipment.

AWG / America Wire Gauge - Standard of measurement in the United States for measuring and labeling wire diameter.

Amp / Ampere - The measurement of electrical current per second in a circuit.

B Stage Material - Also known as prepreg, is material that is resin cured to B stage.

BBT Abreviation for “ Bare Board Test.”

BGA / Ball Grid Array - When solder ball interconnects cover the bottom surface of a package.

DFSM / Dry Film Solder Mask - Abreviation for Dry Film Solder Mask. The lamination process using a coating material to protect the board from solder or plating.

DRC - Abreviation for “ Design rule check.”

Date / Lot Code - When text or dates in your design are etched in copper on the board surface

ESD / ElectroStatic Discharge - Electrostatic Discharge. ESD can be reduced using grounding straps, anti-static mats, boxes, bags and packing materials.

ESR / Electro Solder Resist - Electro-statically applied Solder Resist.

Edge Clearance - The smallest distance from any components or conductors to the edge of the circuit board.

Edge Connector - Gold plated pads or lines of coated holes on the edge of a circuit-board used to connect other circuit boards or electroNPTH - Non-plated Through Hole.

NC Drill - Numeric Control drill machine used to drill holes at exact locations of a PCB specified in NC Drill File.

Netlist - A l ist of parts and their connection points on each circuit.

Node - A pin or lead to which at least two components are connected through condcutors.

nic devices.

ZIF / Zero Insertion Force - A type of termination that allows a flex circuit tab to be inserted into a circuit board mounted connector and locked into place.




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