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with the state-of-art equipment and sophisticated technology, Greentek is a professional printed circuit board manufacture. Our products are widely used among Automobile, Power Supply, Industrial Control, Telecom Field as well as Consume Electronics. To perfect our product and protect the environment, we have already obtained UL approval and ISO 9001 management system and also granted with SGS certificate.

To follow the IPC Class 2 standard strictly, if required, IPC Class 3 is also available; our print circuit board service can be concluded in the following:
·Rigid printed circuit board (HDI) up to 26 layers, Flexible  printed circuit board  up to 6 layers, Metal Cladded printed circuit board up to 4 layers, Rig-Flexible printed circuit board up to 6 layers.
·Fr4 circuit board, CEM-3 circuit board, HighTg 170 and 180 circuit board, Aluminum board and PI circuit board available.
·Immersion Gold, Plated Gold, HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Silver, OSP available.
·Black, White, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Pink, Brown solder masks available.
All your printed circuit boards, large or small, will be dealt with our workers’ full attention. All your printed circuit boards, in PCS or Panels, will be done with our perfect craftsmanship. All your printed circuit boards, either routed or scored or blank profiled, will be delivered on time. In a word, we will fulfill our business motto to its core-Giving What You Matters: Quality, Price and Delivery.
Components Procurment

"Timely and efficient delivery of parts"  fundamental to achieving a smooth production schedule and meeting our customer's expectations. We have strategic well established supply partners and with these partnerships we deliver reliable supply chain solutions.
Our established policy is to concentrate spend rather than dilute purchase power. This policy has proved effective in ensuring security of supply and gaining cost advantage for our customers.
Our sourcing staff are experienced in sourcing components from anywhere in the world to attain the required balance between price and delivery performance.
Our leading edge ERP system with it's Advanced Planning System (APS) application ensures consistent and timely material flow. Demand Pull based programs offer flexible coverage for our customers.
Greentek's supply chain and material solutions are based on Customer Requirements.
Speed, flexibility, and Total Cost are the key elements to provide complete turnkey services. System software allows us the ability to monitor inventory turns, EAU calculations, alternate sources of supply, and supplier performance to name a few. These elements coupled with supply agreements, world class supplier partnerships, and auto-replenishment programs allow us to be a leader in Supply Chain and Materials Management.



SMT Assembly

Greentek Electronics provides the full suit of Electronic Manufacturing service in one stop excelling in small, medium and large volume production run as to save customer’s cost and reduce customer’s time to the market.

Greentek is equipped with sophisticated test labs outfitted with X-ray imaging, environmental, and ICT test equipment to detect defects in components, printed circuit boards, component plating, and the overall manufacturing process. This way, our production quality can be ensured so that we can offer the value-added service to our customers in the world.

To facilitate our customer, our abroad line of manufacturing services from surface mount and through-hole placements to complete "box build" are listed as follows:

· Rohs Pb Free Compliance

·100% automated functional testing

·SMT Pick and Place Assembly

·BGA, micro BGA, CSP, fine pitch QFP

·Reflow Wave and Manual Soldering

·Automated and manual through hole assembly

·Box Build

·Hand Build

· Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic assemble

· Consignment or Turkey

· Prototype / small batch / middle volume



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